Chef Cristobal has sought out culinary opportunities that would grow his knowledge and passion for regional cooking. He has worked in Chicago, Spain, Mexico and Central America in both five star hotels and small restaurants but returned to Mexico where his true culinary passion lies. He loves to share his knowledge of Mexican Food through his culinary walking tours offered in the Riviera Maya.

Traced back to as early as 1200BC in the Gulf region of Mexico, this common Mexican dish is made in homes all over Mexico. And get this, there are between 600-1000 different varieties of tamales. This culinary tradition has also spread all over Central and South America with great recipes found in Columbia, Venezuela, Peru

In the past, market places around the world were considered a very important place for commerce. If someone had something to sell, they went off to the market. The market is where people negotiated prices, sold local and imported products, where bakers and cooks offered freshly made items, and farmers sold their crops. If you

The Mexicas or Aztecs, were once the most resplendent of civilizations in Mexico and still, today, their language is part of the world’s day to day life. Not just in Spanish but in other languages as well. Before the invasion of the ‘New World’ by the Spaniards, the natives of Central and South America had

In 1521 when Hernan Cortés arrived to Mexico, he entered not only with spices, livestock and fruit,but he also brought monks, rosaries and priests! The monks, priests, nuns and Spanish conquers devised a plan to win over the indigenous groups and their faith that was so very different from them. Sure there were wars, fights