General Stuff

The “vox populi” says that, every foreigner who visits Mexico gets sick with the first meal he takes. This has not been our experience as all of our restaurant participants are very particular about food safety. All vegetables are washed, all ice is made with purified water. Cooking spaces are clean.

All the places we visit on our tours have been hand selected and tasted with quality and authenticity the number one criteria for our tour participants so you have the best culinary experience.


We are happy to have children join our tour and leave this decision up to the parents and caregivers. Tours are three hours and will require your child to walk, rest where the group rests, and participate well in the group. If you think your children would be interested and can join in the fun, we would love to have them along. Children do pay full fee rates for the tour.

If you would like your entire family to participate and are not sure how your children will be behave, why not book a private tour that is for your family. Drop us an email and let us know how many adults and children are in your group!

It´s OK if you have dietary restrictions. Please just let us know in advance when you book the tour your specific dietary restrictions so we can accommodate your needs at every culinary stop on the tour.

Our tours can be conducted in English and Spanish. Currently we are not able to offer more languages but check back as we hope to involve more guides with multiple language skills.

Si les gustaría tomar un tour en español nosotros con gusto lo hacemos posible, solo háganoslo saber.

Actually no. The myth that all Mexico food is super spicy is just not true. Sure, there could be a bit of spice, but nothing is crazy, over the top spicy hot, unless you want it that way. Spicy salsa will be available for those who want to try something new and authentic. If you are new to spicy foods, we can guide you through of process of trying new salsas.

We are really sorry but pets need to stay at hoome. We are pet lovers, but unfortunately pets are not allowed in restaurants or markets.


No, we do not charge any extra fees. The listed price is the price you pay. Including tax. If you wish to purchase more alcoholic beverages than we provide on the tour, please do so at your expense!

We understand that you may not have a printer handy when you’re traveling so it is not necessary to have a printed copy. We are happy to review the receipt on your smart phone. If you have neither a printer or a smart phone, please provide us with the name on the reservation and the receipt number for your reservation.

Private tours can be arranged and pricing will depend on the number of people in your group. We are happy to do private tours for any number of people. Please email us to inquire about pricing. Let us know how many people are in your group and which tour you would like to book.


Wear whatever is comfortable. It is recommended to have comfortable walking shoes, a hat to protect you from the sun, and comfortable clothing.

Not much, remember our tours are all inclusive. We do suggest you bring sunscreen and a hat. Extra pesos for purchases at the market, for additional alcoholic beverages, and a small tip for your guide is a good idea.


We have included a tequila tasting and one beer at the final stop on our tour. If you wish to purchase more alcohol during the tour, we are happy to have you do so at your expense.

Full refunds will be provided for cancellations 30 days before the tour begins. Unfortunately if you cancel less then 29 days before your tour we are unable to refund your deposit. We are happy to have you transfer your tour to a friend in the event that you think you can not make your reservation. Please let us know in advance through email who will be taking  your reservation.

Yes. Reservations are required for guaranteed spots on all tours. Reservations help us to prepare the restaurants and homes we will be visiting as all meals are fresh for each tour. If you have a surprise guest show up please text us at Whats App to see if we can accommodate a last minute reservation due to a cancellation from another guest.


No one can rain on our parade and a little bit of rain will not cancel any of our tours. However, if there is a tropical storm lurking around, the safety of our participants comes first and we will notify you of alternative dates that suit your vacation.

Tours are completed no matter what the weather. This is all about the food, not the weather.