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Discover traditional Mexican food off the beaten path in this cosmopolitan city known for its international cuisine on 5th Avenue.

This tour will take you off 5th Avenue to five or six different local eateries. Your guide will explain ingredients and culinary processes as it relates to cultural, historic and social norms of the region the dish you dig your teeth into. The fun part is eating, tasting and enjoying the dishes at each location but you will be surprised at how complex and distinct Mexican flavors can be.

This is a walking tour and we take full advantage of the unique neighborhoods located off 5th Avenue. Come with us to discover the true flavors of traditional Mexican food in Playa del Carmen! Bring a big appetite so you can fully enjoy your culinary experience!

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Well-known supermarket in Playa del Carmen
Professional Guide Meals
Local transportation Non-alcoholic drinks with two alcoholic drinks included
Transportation to Meeting Point
Guide gratuity

10:00 AM: Meeting Point

We meet at the Mega Super Market on the corner of Constituyentes and 30th Ave in the heart of Playa del Carmen.

  • This meeting location is a 5 min walk from 5th Avenue.
  • We have picked a meeting point well-known to taxi drivers.
  • This super market is easy to find, so no one will get lost.

10:10 AM to 11:00 AM - Traditional Mexican Food

First stop – tacos from the northern region of Mexico. This unique flavor will start you on a regional journey through Mexico. Your guide will explain why there is such flavor and recipe diversity throughout Mexico. .

Next a local market to experience a central Mexico dish where you learn the true recipe and technique for this well-known dish. Your guide will take full advantage of the local market, using it to explain local ingredients, their history and how these ingredients are traditionally used.


11:00 AM to 12:00 PM: True Tastes of the Caribbean

We venture off to a local neighborhood that has one of the best seafood restaurants in Playa. This restaurant serves recipes from all regions in Mexico which is why it is so popular with the locals. Get ready to dig in and experience fresh seafood!

Off we go for natural fruit ice cream then head out for one more taco and a regional agua fresca made from vanilla. Your guide will list all the culinary gifts Mexico has shared with world. Some you may already know but many will surprise you.


12:00 PM to 12:30 PM: Ceviche, Beer and Tequila

Get ready for fresh ceviche, one of the most popular dishes in Mexico, and a cold beer or tequila. Your guide will review the history of alcoholic drinks in Mexico; the Pre-Hispanic pulque, tequila and why the beer became so popular.

Finally, we walk to the last stop of the tour, a wonderful food stall that serves some of the best Yucatecan food we have experienced in the region.


1:00 PM: End of Tour

It is here we say goodbye. Note the bus station (ADO) is 2 minutes from our last stop, or you can catch a cab at the taxi stand. If this is your first time to Playa, head two blocks to 5th Avenue and the beach where you will experience the Playa so many people rave about.

Puerto Morelos food tour
Puerto Morelos food tour

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