Chef Cristobal

Chef Cristobal Tamariz believes that the best way to preserve a country’s culture is through sharing and experiencing local traditions. Digging into local food, recipes and ingredients is his way of sharing the rich and diverse country of Mexico, his home and continued inspiration for his culinary career.

Born in central Mexico to a traditional Mexican family, the aroma of the household kitchen fire, corn tortillas, tamales and roasted chilis are childhood memories he fondly remembers.

His culinary influences have been his mother and grandmother who to this day cook traditional Mexican recipes from the Hidalgo and Veracruz areas.

His passion for and interest in the culinary arts took him from a degree in chemistry to a degree in culinary arts in Puebla, Mexico where he studied for five years. Many of his classmates specialized in European cuisine, but Chef Cristobal wanted to further his understanding of regional Mexican food, its history and influence on the various communities throughout the country.

Chef Cristobal has sought out culinary opportunities that would grow his knowledge and passion for regional cooking. He has worked in Chicago, Spain, Mexico and Central America in both five star hotels and small restaurants.

He now lives and works in the Riviera Maya as a chef, regional food expert and culinary guide where he continues to share his passion for Mexican food with visitors.